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8 Reasons...

When someone expresses the sentiments you feel, so eloquently and succinctly, it's hard to improve upon it...
While this letter is from 2011, it still seems relevant.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Important Acton Town Elections take place Tuesday, March 29th.
There are three candidates for two positions on the Acton Board of Selectmen.  Your vote is important!
I am voting for Terra Friedrichs. 

I would like to give you eight reasons why you, too, should consider this election important and should vote for Terra Friedrichs for a second term as Acton Selectman.   I am not a town politician, but am a volunteer and very concerned about the town’s environment, liveability, and water.  I believe that Terra Friedrichs has demonstrated understanding and commitment to these and many town-wide issues.   Her continued presence to push the debate on the basis of the facts is important to us all as citizens of Acton.

1.   TO SERVE ACTON WELL, IT TAKES DEDICATION AND TIME:  Terra Friedrichs has DEMONSTRATED her commitment and track record in putting in the time, effort and critical thinking to serve Acton proactively rather than reactively.   It is only through proactive debate and planning that Acton will continue to be the place we want to live in.

2.   WATER SUPPLY: Quality and Quantity for the next 20 years.  Terra Friedrichs is the ONLY selectman or candidate who has stated her position that water quantity is NOT unlimited and that we need to understand our limits and plan accordingly.   As chairman of the WRAC water quality committee, I feel her advocacy for information and reporting is crucial.

3.   IMPACT OF GROWTH ON TOWN FINANCES:   More growth puts more pressure on the town’s infrastructure and finances.   Citizens have told the Acton 2020 committee that this is one of homeowners' biggest concerns.   Terra Friedrichs is MUCH MORE CLEAR on her focus on this interrelationship and issue than any other selectman or candidate. 

4.   THE QUALITIES THAT MAKE ACTON A TOWN AND HOME NOT JUST A LOCATION:  Terra cares deeply about Acton, always listens to anyone who has an idea and opinion, and tirelessly advocates for Acton as a wonderful place.

5.   NO HIDDEN FINANCING:  Terra Friedrichs has been tireless in pursuing the level of transparency that has brought to light un-spent town monies that had been allocated in prior years’  town meetings, and in bringing to light un-funded liabilities of the town.  As taxpayers, we are all entitled to know town finances in a transparent manner.  If the town chooses deficit financing, it should be done transparently with an  understanding of the future risks.   

6.  LONG TERM QUALITY OF SCHOOLS:  Terra Friedrichs has eloquently stated a very informed position on how to sustain excellence in Acton’s schools.  She is one of the few public officials who actually attended a personalized session to understand the new technology being introduced, and what and why, in order to understand sustainable and affordable change and evolution. I believe we will find her to be, long term, one of the most thoughtful voices in proactively envisioning where to go.

7.   ENCOURAGING BROADER PARTICIPATION AND VOLUNTEERING:   The town cannot function well without a strong group of volunteers to dedicate time and ideas to committees and boards.   Terra has been a watchdog and advocate for giving volunteers the latitude and space to make their ideas felt.   When the selectmen exert too much control over the volunteer committees, volunteers find better ways to use their time.

8.   SHARING PUBLIC INFORMATION AND DATA:   As citizens, we are all entitled to convenient and timely access to information, ranging from minutes of meetings to environmental monitoring information, and a whole range of statistics that help us understand how our town is changing.   Terra Friedrichs has DEMONSTRATED herself to be one of the most persistent and effective advocates in this direction that the town has.

Not being a “politician” in town, I don’t have any kind of extensive email list but I do think this is an important election and would like to ask you to forward this email to anyone else in town you think should read this.

Thank you,
Ron Beck




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