Terra Friedrichs

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Acton, Massachusetts

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2018 Thank you!

Hi everyone!

I want to THANK YOU so much for your support in the election!

While we didn't "win" a seat on the Board, I'm already hearing from people from all sides
thanking us for how much we DID succeed at...in raising awareness about the need for serious
land-use planning around water, land and road capacity, and for having conversations about
so many issues from inclusiveness to transparency.

I don't believe that this would have happened if we didn't engage in this campaign.

So thank you for all you did to make this campaign a success!I want to especially
congratulate Jon Benson, and also thank all the candidates who ran in town elections
this year, for caring about our town.

And I would like to urge all who voted for me to to stay engaged with the Board of Selectmen
and other town institutions. One of the firsts tests of the new Board of Selectmen will be
on April 23rd when they will discussing the next step in drafting the Town Sustainability
Plan (fiscal, enviro, social, incl TRULY affordable housing and transp, see below).
How committed they will be to long term sustainability will depend on you.

When I set forth on this campaign, I was thinking that if we got 200 votes, that this would
be enough to validate our work, and inspire us to carry on.

But we got over 650 votes!

To me, that is a HUGE success, given what we're up against.

The team indicated that if we got 20% of the vote, that it would be worth doing this again.
And we got over 30%!

So it seems like we may be headed to the ballot again!

Please let me know if you want to help with our work toward a triple-bottom line sustainable
Acton. As a reminder, triple bottom line (TBL) is...fiscal, social AND environmental

Plans to create an Acton that meet all three criteria is the only way that we may save
Acton from a self-made social, economic and environmental crisis.

You can always contact me to engage in this crucial work, together. I am always
here to give you ideas, support and to work together with you.*

Thanks again, for your efforts in this critical work!

Love, Terra 

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