Terra Friedrichs

& her local work in
Acton, Massachusetts

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Ask Yourself What Issues Are Important to You. 

Then Ask Your Candidates What They Really Know About Those Issues.


Through thousands of volunteer hours over the last decade, Terra has gained in-depth knowledge about most every aspect of our town's history, processes and financials and applies this fact-based information in her role as Selectman.  

With this understanding, Terra is fully equipped to speak on any of the complicated issues facing Acton today and to the longer-term strategic issues that may affect our town over the next three years to include topics such as these:

  • We're deficit spending by $2 million/year... 
  • Over 2,000 acres of empty "buildable" land in Acton
  • We have tens of millions of dollars of "unfunded" liabilities
  • We're overbuilding without considering the limits of our water and our social obligations to ACTUAL affordable housing   

    How do these issues impact:

    •   Long-term financial position
    • Present and future quality of our schools
    • Local affordability and Tax increases  
    • Water quality
    • Property values
    • Employee job protection
Strategic Planning and Capital Budgeting - Other Towns Have These
  • What is it?

  • Do we have it?

  • Do we want it?

  Are privately owned "unbuilt" lands (which are vulnerable for development) considered a liability or an asset?
  • How does growth impact the quality of our schools, water, etc?

These are the types of questions that are asked when strategic planning and using capital budgeting and management by "balance sheet", which we are not currently doing in Acton. Planning is done on a "per project", loosely centralized basis. We are more subject to the whims of developer profit than we are by using our land-use authority to get what we want/need for our community.

   Click here to review a report draft that we're writing about land use, which describes how many acres are "buildable" in our town - it may be startling to realize what Acton could look like with future development.   















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